Leveraging technology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Adaxo’s main objective is to place technology at the service of ecology and sustainable development. Since its creation in 2004, we have been committed to a global approach of sustainable development. This enables us to be sustainable by conciliating 3 major elements:


  • Social equity: Support for local, French and European sectors is a strong ambition of our company; our products are in that respect exclusively designed and manufactured in Europe, some are packed by the ESAT in Mundolsheim (200 metres far from the company headquarter).


  • Environmental protection: We market environmentally friendly eco-products, without the use of chemicals products and with limiting our carbon footprint.

These eco-products are presented in detail in our “Our Products” section.


  • Economic efficiency: We offer Adaxo products and products in direct trade in order to avoid intermediaries and maintain a fair price. In addition, we are constantly innovating and developing our entire range thanks to Research and Development teams. By doing this, we provide innovative solutions in the field of healthy housing and in a realistic and pragmatic context of sustainable development.