Adaxo’s values

ADAXO has been created by Odile EHRBAR in Mundolsheim – Strasbourg, in Alsace (67) France

After a professional career in the area of big company’s information systems, Odile EHRBAR starts the ADAXO adventure, a company which develops solutions that are more respectful of the planet and the humans. She considers this as her new professional challenge.

Entrepreneurship in the service of respect for life

Within Adaxo, she buys different products that she upgrades and improves, and she develops the alternative Vapodil cleaning solution. The conception and the sale of this cleaning process becomes the core activity of to company, associating as well the training dimension.

She progressively expands her range to other equipment and cleaning supplements or wellbeing products, always following the same ethic of innovative and respectful of the environment products, brought together under the name of “eco products”.

The choice of the eco products

Odile EHRBAR, Adaxo’s founder:

“Since several months and years, I am committed to find products, new offers to suggest to the clients, in an eco products logic. Among my selection criteria comes first:

  • The owner’s products
  • Live trading products from the manufacturer, in order to avoids intermediates and keeps prices interesting for all and also to be in direct contact with the manufacturer, so we can make the product evolve in accordance with the customers demand. These products are innovative, environmentally friendly, respectful of sustainable development and improve the quality of life of the consumer.
  • All these technical and even technological products demonstrate high quality, while respecting ethics and honesty towards our ADAXO sales network and our customers.
  • Thus, we have grouped under the term “eco-products” all our products, which we have classified into 2 main families: HOUSE and WELL-BEING.

I thought this definition of eco-products did sums up my approach well!

Each product we consume has an impact on the environment and therefore on us (our health…), whether during its manufacture, use, or end of “life”.

Every product needs raw materials and energy to be manufactured, then it must be packaged and transported; and even when it is recycled, it sooner or later becomes a trash. All these actions have an impact on the environment. But among these products, some are less harmful and have a lower impact on the environment, while maintaining the initial qualities of a “standard” product. These are the eco-products.

In order to preserve the planet and its resources, whether for us or for the future generations, why not give priority to these eco-products when we shop? »