Developer of future-oriented solutions

Adaxo is a company which is specialized in the design and the distribution of environmentally friendly solutions respectful of the environment and the well-being of the people and the planet.

Convinced that it is possible to put the technological advances to the service of human beings while protecting their environment, Adaxo develops the values ​​of openness, simplicity and excellence.

Mrs Ehrbar focuses her actions towards intelligent consumption, the care of people, the respect and recycling of the resources, the minimal recourse to chemical and toxic products, with a constant concern for customers, employees and partners satisfaction and hapiness.

The company Adaxo was created in 2004 in Mundolsheim, near Strasbourg, in Alsace (67). Its founder, Odile Ehrbar, created it initially to develop an alternative cleaning method, which combines a Dry Steam Cleaner (DSC) and microfiber cloths. This solution is named Vapodil. The design and the sale of this cleaning process have become the core business of the company, which also offers a specific training for using at its best this innovative solution.

Gradually, the company’s dynamic has allowed to extend Adaxo’s offer to other materials, products and solutions: maintenance supplements, kitchen utensils and even wellness products. Within a few years, a line of innovative and environmentally friendly products has emerged: ethical products brought together under the name of “eco products”.